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A Powerful Url Shortner, Grow & Profit with One Short Link!

Short link with limitless possibilities.

URL Shortner can be the most valuable marketing tool and companion for your business. It allows collecting the data from your marketing campaign and optimization using our URL shortener, Qrcode maker, Bio-Link profile, etc. also, you can analyze your customer behaviors in a single dashboard and deliver the value with your amazing product or service.

Smart Targeting

Target your customers to extend their reach and redirect them to relevant pages. Add pixels and retarget and lead them to your social media ad campaign.

In Depth Analysis

Share links with your audience on your networks and social media, measure your data and optimize the performance of your marketing campaigns to achieve your goals.

User Experience

Use our powerful tools to increase your online conversions and provide your customers with a great user experience to get more engagement.

Amazing ToolKit For Online selling & Marketing

To understand your customers and increase the conversions you need a set of tools that can analyze and measure. Our system allows you to track everything. the tool analyzes data like user clicks, country, region or geo-location, etc..

  • Url Shortner Tools
  • Powerful Analytics
  • Beautiful Biolink Profile
Perfect for sales & marketing
Powerful User Interface

We provide you with many powerful tools to reach your goals. with our product, you can better understand user behavior and improve your overall experience through smart retargeting.

  • Managing Links
  • Security Control
  • User Account Dashboard
Powerful tools that work
Powerful tools that work
QRCode maker

Custom Qrcode is the best tool for marketing.You can create your own custom Qr codes, share and analyze the user engagement.

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Optimize Your Campaign

Use Our Url shortner to your Web marketing campaign, Email marketing camping, or social media campaigns. you can analyze all your customer behaviors, and geo-locations of your customers and click rates on a single dashboard.You Just Have To Shorten Your Link, Make a BioLink Profile or make a QR code with our amazing QR code generator and share it with the world.

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Custom BioLink Page

Create a custom BioLink page to promote your product or service to your networks and analyze how users will engage with your marketing campaign.

Call To Action Overlay

Use overlay tools to show notifications, polls, and even contact information for your target website or landing page to Get more user engagement.

Tracking Events

Add and use your Pixels provide by Facebook or other platforms and track, analyze your marketing campaign with ease when they are happening.

Team Work

Bring your marketing team to our platform and assign them specific privileges to manage links, pages, and other features to achieve the success of your campaigns.

Custom Domain

Add your own domain names to our system and make you shorten links by using your own domain. that provides more flexibility to manage your brand name and user trust.

Developer API

You can be using our powerful APIs to build custom applications for your need or use powerful tools to extend your own applications. check our full API documentation for more details.


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Great Services with good price. our company uses this service for tracking our sales from social media and Email Marketing Campaigns

Jk Deon
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We start with the free plan. soon when we grow we upgrade to Pro Which gives us more flexible tools to track our all links and plan our campaigns.

Business Owner

We track all our links in one place. we can't accomplish our goals without this tool. we are glad we found this service.

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